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Welcome to a collection of Premium and Unique Domain Names For Sale: Available to buy now, lease or make a bid for. Simply click the domains name, to be taken to its Landing Page; where you can enquire about leasing, make an offer, or purchase the Domain, via Sedo or eBay . 10% of the sale value of all domain names listed and sold via eBay will be donated to an

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DNA Test Kit & Family Tree Domains

Premium DNA Test Kit Domain For Sale
Premium Family Tree & DNA Domain For Sale

Premium Bingo & Casino Domain Names

Ultra Catchy Bingo Name For Sale
Superb Bingo Name For Sale
Blagging Bingo Name For Sale
Magnificent Bingo Name For Sale
Blagger of Bingo Name For Sale
Premium Bingo Name For Sale

Dating and Social Media Domain Auctions

Dating Domain Name For Sale
Singles Domain Name For Sale
Social Media Domain Name For Sale

Premium Electric Car Domain Name Auctions

Electric Car Domain Names For Sale
Electric Car Domain Name For Sale
Electric Autos Domain Name For Sale
Electric Autos Domain Name For Sale
Electric Vehicle Domain Name For Sale
Electric Motor Domain Name For Sale

Wacky & Unique Premium Domain Auctions

Donald Trump Domain Name For Sale
Ultra Wacky Premium Domain For Sale
Highly Memorable Premium Domain For Sale

Cruise Liner & Holiday Domain Name Auctions

Premium Cruise Liner Domain Name For Sale
Premium Cruise Liner Domain Name For Sale

Premium 5 & 6 Letter Brand Domains at Auction

Premium 5 Letter Brand Name For Sale
Original 5 Letter Premium Name For Sale
Unique 5 Letter Brand Name For Sale
Ultra Premium 6 Letter Name For Sale

Premium 5 & 6 Letter Brand Domain Auctions

Distinguished 5 Letter Brand Name For Sale
Memorable 5 Letter Brand Name For Sale
Unique 5 Letter Brand Name For Sale
Aristocratic 6 Letter Brand Name For Sale

Premium 7 Letter Brand Domain Name Auctions

Original 7 Letter Brand Name For Sale
Catchy 7 Letter Brand Name For Sale
Premium Rock Domain Name at Auction
Michael Jackson Domain Name at Auction

Premium Chinese Pinyin Domain Auctions in Chinese Pinyin For Sale
Lucky Number 8 Premium Name For Sale
4 Letter Premium Lucky No 8 Name For Sale
Premium 4 Letter Pinyin Name For Sale
Premium 6 Letter Lucky No 8 Name For Sale
Chinese Pinyin Lucky No 8 Name For Sale
Premium Lucky No 8 Pinyin Name For Sale

Pet - Cat - Dog & Goldfish Domains at Auction

Premium Pet Domain Name For Sale
Premium Cat Domain Name For Sale
Premium Dog Domain Name For Sale
Premium Dog Domain Name For Sale
Catchy Dog Domain Name For Sale
Premium Goldfish Domain Name For Sale

Gambling, Betting & Casino Domain Auctions

Premium Betting Domain Name For Sale
Premium Betting Domain Name For Sale
Premium Gambling Domain Name For Sale
Premium Casino Domain Name For Sale

Holiday, Travel & Vacation Domain Auctions

Premium Vacation Domain Name For Sale
Premium Hotel Domain Name For Sale
Premium Holiday Domain Name For Sale
Premium Holiday Domain Name For Sale

Car, Auto & Motor Domain Domain Auctions

Premium Car Name For Sale
Premium Motor Name For Sale

Insurance, Banking & Accountancy Domains

Premium Insurance Name For Sale
Premium Banking Name For Sale
Premium Accountant Name For Sale

House, Real Estate & Auction Domain Auctions

Premium House Domain For Sale
Premium Auction Domain For Sale

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Brooking and Consultancy Enquiries:

Please Note: The domain names listed on Names Url are not generated by a computer algorithm or bought at domain auctions, they are my own original creations. Please feel free to concerning brokerage enquiries or, if you would like to employ me on a consultancy basis to create, original and unique brand domain names for domain auctions, for yourself or a client.

24 Hour Domain Name Transfer:

All Domains listed are Registered with LCN. Please create an with them to allow 24h Domain Transfer.

Questions and Answers about Premium Domains & Names:

What are Premium Domain Names ?

The dictionary definition of the word Premium is a sum added to an ordinary price or charge. There are also implications of grandeur, impressiveness and high rank attached to the word. However you can call both Catford Ferrets Club .com and Hotel .com Premium Domains.

Domain Names Registration:

When you register your domain names with a domain names registrar, they becomes Premium Domain Names. Names cease to be premium domains, when the registrant of the names lapses with the yearly payment for the names. Once no longer registered, they are no longer Premium Domain Names, moreover they do not exist, they never were tangible assets, they were originally the intellectual copyright of the registrant. Domain ideas become premium domain names when they are registered with a domain names registrar.

The Premium One - There can be only one.

Even though there are tremendous differences with the sale price of premium domains from ten pounds to billions of pounds for market leaders like They are all domains which are classified as Premium Domain Names. All domains on a domain names auction website; like this one, are premium domains because they have been registered with a domain names registrar. They are no longer an ideas about domain names. They can now be used to promote a business / organization or be put up for sale on a domains auction website.

The Pricing and Ranking of Premium Domain Names.

Although there is no comparison between and Hotel .com, they are both classified as premium domains & names. It may appear a little unbalanced at first glance, becausethe use of the word premium, implies high rank and price are attached, to the domains, which is the case with - but not the case with faiugraq .com - is worth millions of pounds and is one of the highest ranking premium domains within the hotel industry and would never appear at domain auctions. is worthless and has no ranking. But both are classified as premium domains or names.

Premium Domain Names and Classification:

However: Forgetting the incorrect use of the word Premium as a classification for domain names that have been registered, it is necessary for things to belong to a classification, without it we would be unable to search for items on the internet. We also need sub classifications so we can be more specific. If you are looking for Music, you will google music, but if you want Rock Music you would generally search for Rock Music.

Domain Name has many sub classifications, each of which will produce different search results.

  • Domain Name Registrars
  • Domain Name Website Hosts
  • Domain Name Auctions
  • Domain Names at Auction
  • Premium Domain Names For Sale

Buying Premium Domains On Line:

If you can create premium domains yourself, you have no need to search the internet for suitable names for your business, either to promote it on the internet or add to your portfolio of domains that you sell at auctions. However many people cant or the name they wanted for their business has been taken. That is where a website that specializes in premium domains for sale should be extremely helpful. But unless they are like this one, simply listing my own personal creations, it can be an absolute nightmare.

There are over 330 million top-level domains registered of which 115 million are dot com's, if they were all for sale and you could choose an ideal one for your business, it would take you a very long time indeed. At a rate of viewing 60 a minute, that's 5,500,000 minutes, 91,666 hours, 3,819 days, 545 weeks, about 10 years, with no sleep, food, drink or toilet time, so lets say it would realistically take you 30 years. Impractical at the very least.

But all the domains registered are not for sale, my point being , churning through domain auction websites looking at domains is a long tedious process. Also those advertising premium domains for sale and coming top in search results are quite unscrupulous with their choice of words in their title tags and advertising methods. It was after a search for premium domains for sale, to see how Names Url were doing in the results, that I started clicking on my competitors websites and came across some very underhand misuse of the meanings of words and googles guidelines to provide you the searcher fair and impartial listings, that prompted me out of anger to write this mini article for your pursual.

As I have already pointed out, I feel that using the word premium in association with all domains that are registered has been openly misused by advertisers to promote worthless domains and mislead the public, but I now find businesses advertising premium domains for sale, when they are not selling registered domains, ie premium, they are registrars of domains.

Domain Valuations: How much are Premium Domain Names Worth:

There will always be discrepancies between different domain auctions & valuers when estimating the value of premium domains. The same name will be valued at £8 from one valuer, £20,000 from another. I have also noticed considerable variations with a names auction valuation and what they actually achieve at auctions. Names that I though were very good, were being auctioned and sold at prices considerably lower than their worth, and visa versa, names I thought were absolute rubbish were being auctioned at very high prices.

When valuing domains an auctions valuation web site will use a computer algorithm which bases its valuation on, the amount of letters and if the domains contains words that are in the dictionary, it cannot base its valuation on market trends, how memorable or pronounceable the names are, or if they are market leader like, which will return a value of $20,000. However it sold for $1.1 billion. In a nutshell especially with brand domains, premium domain names are worth what someone is willing to pay, and what someone is willing to pay is what it is worth.

Types of and History of Auctions.

Early Auctions.

Auction is derived from the Latin word augeo meaning; I Increase. Recordings of auctions can be found in Babylon 500 B.C. which held annual auctions of women to be sold for the purpose of marriage. Auctions were also held in the Roman Empire by soldiers where captured slaves and items stolen from wars were auctioned, the auctions were not held in an auction house, but where a soldier would drive a spear into the ground. The Romans also used auctions to dispose of bankrupt individuals assets.

Auctions in the Seventeenth Century.

Auctions involving bids and bidders were not a very common method for the sale of items until the 17th century. Auctions in the sense that we imagine auctions to be, involving bidders bidding are mentioned in the records of the House of Lords in 1641, the auctions were held in candle light, with the end of the auctions being denoted by the candle burning out, tensions would rise in the auctions house as the candle flickered its last flame and the auction ended. However it was not until 1674 in Stockholm that the first auction house was recorded. In 1774 the auction house Sotheby's, of London was founded. Today Sotherbys is the second-largest auction house in the world. The largest auction house in the world Christie's was founded 2 years later in 1766.

Traditional, Ascending Price, English - Auctions.

When one thinks of an auction in the traditional sense; it implies a sale room where individuals bid for items that are for sale, called the auction house, with the auctioneer, taking bids from bidders, saying, "Going once, going twice, and i'm selling now", BANG goes his gabble. "Sold to the Lady at the back, in the red dress"; who is joyously smiling as she holds up her number. These are known as Traditional Auctions or Open Ascending Price Auctions or English Auctions. These types of auctions are extremely popular around the world and are one of the most common types of auction involving bidders openly placing bids for the items that are for sale in the auctions house, with each subsequent bid from the bidders raising the price of the item(s) for sale.

Although the auctioneer will call out the initial starting price, which will be lowered if there are no bidders bidding, sometimes bidders will shout out a price close but lower than the auctioneers, which he will accept, then the auction begins with the auctioneer increasing the price of the auctioned item(s) waiting for a bidder to raise their paddle number as an acceptance of the last announced price. The auction ends when the bidders are not willing to bid any further. In many instances the bidder will be a representative in the auction house talking to a bidder by telephone and placing bids on behalf of the bidder. Sometimes the auctioneer may hold a maximum bid and bid himself on behalf of a bidder, who is not at the auction house. There are many different items that are placed for sale in the traditional type of auction from the sale of miscellaneous items, to specialist auctions for cars, houses, land, arts and antiques to bankruptcy auctions, police auctions and government auctions, which all take place utilizing the Ascending Price - English type of auction.

Auctions on the Television.

Auctions: It would appear that the BBC have gone Auction Crazy. At 10 o'clock, we have Homes under the Hammer, which follows the buyers from auctions of house's for sale, two and a quarter hours later, Bargain Hunt, following public and celebrity members visiting auctions and shops with antiques for sale, they buy items which are then put up for sale in a traditional auction house, then in the afternoon, we have the presenters of Bargain Hunt, visiting antique shops on Antiques Road Trip, viewing, haggling hard and purchasing items for sale, which are then sold in a traditional auction house. Also in the afternoon we have Flog It, where members of the public bring their treasures to be valued, with unique and original items being put up for sale at an auction house. And of course thats not forgetting all the other auctions based programmes on the television Make me a Dealer and Dickinsons Real Deal. Yes the TV and the internet have gone Auctions crazy. I have a fantastic premium domain name for the auctions industry, Auctions Url .com

On Line Bids at Traditional Auctions.

The rapid rise of the internet has allowed bidders the ability to bid at an auction, without having to be there or have a representative present to make bids on their behalf, the bidder can sit at home in front of a computer, with a cup of tea and submit their bids electronically for the items for sale in the auctions.
This does bring a much wider audience to the auction house, and obviously helps to increase the amount of bids coming into the auctions. I have always noticed on Bargain Hunt, especially with Chinese and Indian objects that the expected sale price, can rocket to 2 to 4 times more than expected.

On Line Auctions.

On line auctions have made it possible to sell items without the need for a public auction at an auction house, you simply take a picture, set your reserve price, and off you go, wait for your bids to come in. On line Auctions have been going on for a very long time as early as 1978, when items were sold on bulletin boards. Obviously many people think of eBay, founded in 1995, as the market leaders in on line auctions. Although it is not an auction in the traditional sense because, the auction lasts for 7 days or a month. Talk about a long burning candle auction.

But dont we love placing our bids. And what an easy way to do your bidding. Come home turn the computer look at how the bidding is going at the auctions: on as I do; I dont have the internet on my phone. Old School. Place a bid. Waite to see what other bidders are doing at the new type of auctions house, not the tension one would have at traditional auctions, but a buzz, all the same.

Premium Domains For Sale at Domain Auctions / Websites.

An on line domain auction is where you buy and bid for premium domain names for sale. Individuals known as domainers will actively look through all the premium domains names available at auction sites looking to snap up a bargain and buy domains for sale that they know are under priced. The domains will then be held on to as liquid assets or flipped at a premium domain auction.

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