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Welcome to my personal collection of Original and Unique Domain Names: Available to buy now, lease or make a bid for. Simply click the domains name, to be taken to its Landing Page; where you can make an offer, enquire about leasing or purchase the Domain, via Sedo or eBay . 10% of the sale value of all domains sold via eBay will be donated to an

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Please Note: The domain names listed on Names Url are not generated by a computer algorithm or bought at domain auctions, they are my own original creations. Please feel free to concerning brokerage enquiries or, if you would like to employ me on a consultancy basis to create, original and unique brand domain names for domain auctions, for yourself or a client.

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For your peace of mind all transaction via eBay, Sedo and Names Url via Escrow, have buyers protection.
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Why are premium Domains priced at a Premium ?

From the above synopsis, one does begin to question the value of some Domains classed as Premium. A great deal of which are quite frankly, useless, could be classed as a Premium Domain, but who in their right mind would pay, a premium for such a domain. Know-one would. Is it memorable, is it catchy, is it easy to type on a keyboard and how many letters does it have, these are the factors that procure a Domain, Premium, not the fact it has been registered. I do see names pertaining to be Premium Domains; but to be quite honest, even five letter domains I see advertised for sale, I think they are absolute rubbish, who would want such a domain for their on line presence, but they are classed as Premium, and have an asking price of 3000, some 30,000. Get real.

Traditional Public Auctions.

When one thinks of an auction in the traditional sense; it implies a public sale room where individuals bid for items that are for sale at the auction house, with the auctioneer, saying, "Going once, going twice, and i'm selling now", BANG; goes his gabble. "Sold to the Lady at the back, in the red dress"; who is joyously smiling as she holds up her number. This is known as open ascending price auction, I prefer to call it a traditional auction. There are many types of traditional auction from those selling miscellaneous items, to specialist auctions for cars, houses, arts, antiques, etc, where there will most likely be a reserve price on the items. Prospective buyers at the auction house will be a combination of those looking to get a bargain, so they can either re sell the items purchased for a profit or purchase an item at a price considerably lower than at a retail outlet, and those who are; especially in the case of arts and antiques, collectors or those considering a long term investment. In many instances the bidder will have a representative present to make their bid, usually talking to the bidder by telephone.

On Line Bids at a Traditional Public Auction.

The rapid rise of the internet has allowed bidders the ability to bid at a public auction, without having to be there or have a representative present to make bids on their behalf, the bidder can sit at home in front of a computer, with a cup of tea and place their bids for items in the auction. The 2 main televised auctions in the UK, which I frequentally watch are, "Bargain Hunt" and Homes under the Hammer", both of which have on line bidders.

On Line Auctions.

On line auctions have made it possible to sell items without the need for a public auction at an auction house, you simply take a picture, set your reserve price, and off you go, wait for your bids to come in. On line Auctions have been going on for a very long time as early as 1978, when items were sold on bulletin boards. Obviously many people think of eBay, founded in 1995, as the market leaders in on line auctions. Although they have changed the auction in the traditional sense because, the auction lasts for 7 days or a month. Also the vast majority of items on their, and other websites like them, are for sale, not at auction, although some items have a make an offer link, along with the buy now link.

On Line Premium Domain Name Auctions.

On Line Domain Auctions are the place to buy premium domain names; ones that are already registered. Individuals known as domainers will actively look through all the premium domains available at auction sites. A very tedious task because there are so many domains on the sites; looking to snap up a bargain and buy a domain that they know is underpriced, known in the auction trade as flipping. Maybe thats where Flippa, a well known domain auction site got the idea for their name. Websites that offer on line domain auctions do charge if you want to place your domain name in an online auction, some even charge simply to list your domain available for sale, and the vast majority of premium domains listed, are not in an auction, they are simply listed with a buy now price, or make an offer, and will have a minimum offer price.

Some may say that this is not actually an auction, I think there is a very thin line, because Wikipedia defines an auction as "selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder" (copyright Wikipedia). I personally think that just like the debate of what actually is a Premium Domain Name, there are many websites advertising primarily as domain auction websites, the fine line has been crossed when the auction does not have a time limit.
I would be very intrested to about this issue.

Before there were Premium Domain Name Auctions:

In the days before there was such a thing as on line domain auctions, for premium domains, you did not even have to pay to register a domain name, instantly making it premium; and I dont think that the rapid rise of the world wide web was something that could be foreseen. Imaging having a time machine and going back to 1990, when the world wide web was first becoming available, there are a lot of domains you could have registered free of charge. Keyword search specific names such as Insure. com, (Registered 1990) Banking. com, (Registered 1995), Betting. com (Registered 1994). I would have registered every brand specific domain name, in so many languages, and made myself exceptional rich

Use of the suffix URL at Premium Domain Auctions:

Alas, I don't have a time machine, just hindsight, however from hindsight, one can try to predict with foresight. I do occasionally see at premium domain auctions, names with the prefix or suffix, net, e or web, although they are rarely seen as top level dot com domain names, those domaines started being registered in the mid to late nineties, and unless you are willing to splas out quite a large amount of cash, they are out of reach for most domainers. However when I first started creating premium & original domain names for auction, I noticed that one suffix URL (abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator) had not been used very much with premium top level dot com domain names. Wow I thought to myself, and subsequently bought a lot of domains with the exact keyword search of some of the most expensive and highly desirable dot com domain names.

Premium URL Domain Names: Realistically priced for flipping at Domain Auctions:

For whatever reason you have visited my web site, either a domainer looking to purchase premium domains to flip at auctions, or looking for a great premium name for your own web site, I have priced my original & unique premium domains, with the suffix URL extremely realistically. This will enable a nice profit to be made at domain auctions, or allow you to purchase a fantastic premium name for your own website. The domains are an exact match to the search term of highly sought after names, Bets, Betting, Gamble, Dog, Cats, Insurance, Banking etc and with the prefix URL on the end they are an exact match to two keyword searches. Google has also ranked the names very highly, when searched either as; for example, Bettingurl or Betting Url, simply try a search for my URL domains. You should find most of them on page one. If you are looking for an ideal liquid investment opportunity, in time the value of such premium domains can only increase. I would also like you to consider the charities you will be helping if you purchase the premium domains via eBay.

Be wary of Domain Valuations.
How much is a Premium Domain Name Worth:

When I first started creating domain names for auction, I would always submit the name to a domain valuation website, before purchasing the domain. However I stopped this practice, soon after noticing the discrepancies between different valuers and a well known domain auction website. The same domain would be valued at 15 from one valuer, 20,000 from another. I was as the saying goes gobsmacked> How can there be such discrepancies. I decided to stop using the websites altogether after I received a 100,000 offer for a domain valued at 22,000. I decided to just trust my gut instinct, and carry on creating and purchasing domains I felt were good ones, is it memorable, is it pronounceable, is it relatively short.
I have also noticed considerable variations with a domains valuation and what it actually achieves at auction. Domains that I though were very good, were being auctioned and sold at prices considerably lower than their worth, and visa versa, domains I thought were absolute rubbish were being auctioned at very high prices.
Although it is true that domain valuation web sites do have to use a computer algorithm that bases its valuation on, the amount of letters and if the domain contains words that are in the dictionary, and cannot base their valuation on how memorable and pronounceable the domain name is. 5 letter domains usually have a 20,000 ish valuation. But look at, valued at $22,000 and expected to achieve $20,000,000 at auction.
In a nutshell especially with brand domain names, a domain is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, for what someone is willing to pay for it, is what it sells for, and that is what it is worth.

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