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Lucky Number 8, Brandable & Gambling Domain Names For Sale / At Auction:

In Chinese Culture eight is considered to be the luckiest number. The Chinese Pinyin for eight is Ba or the similar sounding Fa. The latter being associated wealth, fortune and prosperity. 88 meaning double fortune. As well as the domain Bohuogun, which translates to Poker. I have created combinations of the Chinese Pinyin, for the number 8; Ba and Fa, with numbers and the suffice url, to create alpha numeric Pinyin Domains.

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Lucky Number 8 Premium Domain
4 Letter Premium Lucky No 8 Domain
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Premium 6 Letter Lucky No 8 Domain

Multiple uses of Chinese Pinyin Domains at Auction containing number 8:

The number 8 is valued with much passion, love and affection in China, see below for examples of use of the number 8 within Asia, the domains can be used as brand names; as well as gambling & betting, domain names for almost any product or service. Although was once used in Asia for a gambling website, it is now used for a Chinese Holiday / Vacation website, quite a considerable change, indicating the varied use of the number 8 within the Asian market place.

Obviously the most notable domain to be used for gambling and betting within the Western market place is, this was registered way back in 1995, and now commands a very high price tag, and so many other numeric domains are also used for Western websites. Because of the late involvement of the Chinese in the internet, there are not many numeric domains left for them. Considering this fact alone my alpha numeric Chines Pinyin domains represent a phenomenal investment opportunity, and they are very reasonably priced, for such high value Premium Domains.

Below are some examples of the use of the lucky number 8 within Asia:

The Beijing Olympics opened on the 8/8/2008, 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8.

A phone number that only contained the number 8 was sold in 2003 for $280,000.

Airlines will try to use combinations of 8 for flight numbers.

In Malaysia both of the Petronas Twin Towers have 88 floors.

What is Chinese Pinyin:

In China the standard alphabet for writing, uses pictorial symbols known as "Hanzi" which use strokes, to represent words, there is a different Hanzi symbol for every word, they do not use an alphabetic scrip, utilizing letters to construct words: like a Latin type scrip of 26 Characters as used in Western Language. Although there are over 50,000 Chinese Hanzi, individuals will learn 2000 to 9000 symbols. A newspaper will use around 2000 symbols. Chinese Pinyin was invented in 1950 by linguists; as a bridge, to allow Chinese Hanzi to be written with a latin alphabet. It is also used in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, where it has been the official standard since 2009.

Typewriter Issues and Use of Numbers:

The vast number of Hanzi symbols has caused tremendous input problems for a typesetter or typewriter. Imagine a typewriter with 2000 symbols, it is simply impractical, there have been

The advent of Chinese Pinyin, fuzzed the problem, allowing Chinese users to construct words with characters, to represent a Hanzi. However picture you are from the East looking West to a western typewriter, you are from a land of symbols, you may know over 10,000, and are faced with the mental issues of constructing words from characters to represent the symbol and you also have to learn Chinese Pinyin.

Use of numbers in Chinese Culture:

Enlightened with the above knowledge, it is much easier for a Chinese user to remember and use numbers especially when using a computer. For example, a western users will generally have their name, with some numbers at the end, of an email;

Also reflect when you went to a Chinese Takeaway. Although the menus are written in English, they also have numbers alongside the dish, and when the order is written down, by the delightful lady of the orient, she writes numbers, or she simply shouts, 33, 56 and 21 with gravy. Dont reakon there is a Hanzi for "with gravy". Numbers are like music, a universal language.

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