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Cruise Line - Ship - Domain Name For Sale: Planetary Cruises .com

Planetary Cruises .com
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Planetary Cruises .com: Domain Name for the Cruise Line Business:

The Cruise Line Industry is big business. The average cost of a cruise liner that holds up to 500 passengers is $260 Million, and one that holds up to 5,000 is a staggering $1.31 Billion. Do I hear you gasp in disbelief. At those costs it makes good sense to have a domain name that is generic to the business and what better than Planetary Cruises. For domainers looking for domains to flip at domain auctions or investors looking for a long term liquid investment, the domain represents a golden opportunity, just look at the sales history of Holiday and Vacation domain names; Vacation Rentals .com sold for $35 million in 2007, Private Jet .com sold for $30.1 million in 20012, even sold for £560,000 in 2008. .

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