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Trump's Scandals .com
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Trump Domain Name For Sale - Trump's Scandals .com -

The Donald Trump Domain Name For Sale / At Auction via Names Url - Trump's Scandals .com - is one of those domain names Donald Trump, just forgot to buy, it is documented throughout the domain industry that he bought thousands of domain names before starting his presidential campaign, in order to stop people criticising him. I dont think there has ever been a leader within a democratic nation, that has had so many scandals, and the domain Trump's Scandals, will certainly have a long life, especially after his death, for I feel the scandals that have yet to come out will astound the world for a long time to come. In an episode of Dr Who the Doctor once said to "Amy Pond". In the end; we are all a story; just, make sure its a good one. Hey Donald, will they say that about you. Realistically priced the domain is ideally suited for domaniers to flip at domain auctions.

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