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Whos DNA .com
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Whos DNA is an extraordinarily Brand Specific, Ultra Premium Domain Name for the DNA, Family Tree, Genealogy & Ancestry Industry. With the ever increasing consumer knowledge about the DNA Helix, being a way to analyse their ethnic and geographical origins for a small fee of only £60 the market place for the Domain Name Who's DNA is rapidly expanding.

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Our fascination with our Ancestry and DNA testing:

There have been many domain name categories that have engulfed the internet with competitiveness, but none I feel more than the DNA Testing, Genealogy & Ancestry Domain market place. Simply google. DNA Testing, Genealogy & Ancestry Domains For Sale. Note the criteria within the search, Domain Names For Sale, and note you get bored going through the listings, until you finally get to a Domain Name For Sale. Apart from mine of course. It is such a competitive market place. Why. Because we are fascinated about our ancestry, to place a bit of saliva in a test tube, pay $60 and find out you are descendant from Eskimos in the Alaskan Northwest, and you and your parents and grandparents are from China. We jump in cars, fly on planes, the earth is getting smaller and smaller due to transportation, and we think wow, my ancestors, traveled thousands of miles in a canoe, I have issues getting to the buss stop. If one could have a time machine, in a way you do have one, a bit of spit in a test tube and you can travel in time, your time line for $60.

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