Premium & Original Domain Name For Sale - Mjurl .com

Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Mjurl .com

Mjurl .com
Buy Now Price: £10,000
10% of the sale value will be donated to Rainforest Saver Foundation, if the domain is purchased via ebay.
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  Mjurl .com is for sale. 10% of the sale value  will be donated to Rainforest Saver Foundation, if the domain is purchased via ebay.

5 Letter Original Brand Domain Name For Sale - Mjurl:

A 5 Letter Original & Unique Brand Domain Name For Sale. Realistically priced for Domain Flipping. Buy Now or Make an Offer. 10% of the sale value of the domain name will be donated to the charity Rainforest Saver Foundation, if the premium domain is purchased via ebay.

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 10% of the value of Mjurl .com will be donated to Rainforest Saver, if the domain is purchased via ebay

Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Mjurl .com:

10% of the sale value of the premium & original 5 letter Brand domain name Mjurl will be donated to Rainforest Saver, if the brand name is purchased via ebay.

The charity Rainforest Saver has been elected to benefit from the sale of the premium brand domain name The Charity promotes and develops a sustainable type of farming for the indigenous populations within the rainforest areas of Honduras, Cameroon and Ecuador known as, Inga Alley Cropping. Although a new type of agriculture may not immediately appear to be very beneficial to the rainforests, when we assume it is actually deforestation that is the issue with our carbon footprint. Over 200 million farmers; however, practice a farming technique known as slash and burn farming, which involves cutting or slashing down and burning areas of rainforest to clear land for cultivation, this type of farming is unsustainable because within 2 years the land becomes infertile and the farmers have to then slash and burn another area of rainforest. An exceptionally sustainable 100% organic method to slash and burn is known as Inga alley cropping.

What is Inga Alley Cropping. Inga is the genus of tropical trees, which grow approximately 15 meters, Inga Alley farming involves growing crops between the rows of trees, instead of cutting the Inga trees down and burning the area as in Slash and Burn farming. Essentially the alleys between the trees, have no weeds because the trees block the light, before planting crops the trees are pruned, and the small branches and leaves are left to form a mulch and fertilize the soil, before planting crops in the alleys, therefore preventing the use of fertilizers and pesticides, the larger branches are dried and used for firewood. A simple natural cycle then repeats itself year after year.


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