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Insure Url .com
Buy Now Price: £1,250,000
10% of the sale value of Insure Url will be donated to The Soi Dog Foundation, when purchased via ebay.
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Premium, Top Level Insurance Domain Name For Sale: Insure Url .com:

There are many things in life we can do without, but Insurance is not one of them at some point it will be required, I have just googled "how much is the insurance industry worth", the result stated that in the US alone Insurance industry net premiums written totaled $1.2 trillion in 2017. That's a lot of Insurance policies. If you buy a house, a car you will need Insurance, if you live in a country that does not have free health care, you will need Health Insurance. And the different types of Insurance for sale it quite astounding.

But has it changed over the years, I remember my farther being an Insurance agent, cycling for miles each day, to collect premiums and a big pack of the different policies he had for sale, one of my first jobs was knocking on doors selling Term Insurance, now most of it is done on line. A few clicks and you are Insured.

Insure Url .com is an exceptional Domain Name Investments for the highly competitive on line Insurance Business. Keyword and Brand Specific it is ideal for business start ups, redirects for established Insurance business or as an ideal Liquid Investment Opportunity. If you consider Insure .com was sold for 16 million dollars in 2008 and is up for sale at $35.6 million; the buy now price for Insurance url .com is very realistic and will put you head and shoulders above the competition within the Insurance Industry.

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Premium Insurance Domain Names For Sale / At Auction:

10% of the sale value of the insurance domain name Insure Url will be donated to the Soi Dog Foundation, if the original brand specific domain name is purchased via ebay:

The Soi Dog Foundation was founded in 2003 and is based in Thailand. It has been registered as a charity in Australia, France, US, UK and the Netherlands. Its primary objectives are: To reduce the amount of stray and abused dogs on the streets in Thailand, by rescue, sterilisation, vaccination, medical treatments, shelter and adoption. They sterilise over 10,000 stray dogs a year, keep over 1,000 homeless dogs in care to be re homed and has now started sterilising stray cats as well.

By reducing the amount of stray dogs on the streets: Soi means street in Thai; they are saved from the illegal meat trades, which are organised by gangs who mainly export them in horrifying conditions to Vietnam and China. It was reported in 2011, by The Thai Veterinary Medical Association, that 500,000 dogs were exported to Vietnam and China. The Asian dog meat trade is one of the biggest animal welfare concerns in the world.

It has support from many international celebrities, and in 2014 Judi Dench, Laura Carmichael, Peter Egan, Penelope Wilton and Ricky Gervais, launched a campaign and a public petition aimed at the government of Thailand with 1,200,000 signatures, which led to the Prevention of Animal Cruelty and Provision of Animal Welfare Act, the first animal welfare act in Thailand.


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