No 8 Chinese Pinyin Gambling Domain Name - Ba Fa Url = 88 Url -

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Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Ba Fa Url .com = 88 Url .com
Minimum Bid: £2500
Buy Now Price: £50,000
10% of the value will be donated to T1 International, if the domain is purchased via ebay.
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Domain Auctions Chinese Pinyin Gambling Domain Name: Ba Fa Url .com:

Names Url Domain Auctions introduces a Generic Top Level Domain Name, featuring the Lucky Number 8 and perfectly suited for the Chinese On Line Gambling and Betting Industry - Ba Fa Url .com which translates to 88 Url .com

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Chinese Pinyin Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Ba Fa Url:

10% of the sale value of the premium top level Chinese Pinyin domain name Ba Fa Url will be donated to T1 International, if the domain name is purchased via ebay.

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Brooking and Consultancy Enquiries:

Please Note: The domain names listed on Names Url are not generated by a computer algorithm or bought at domain auctions, they are my own original creations. Please feel free to concerning brokerage enquiries or, if you would like to employ me on a consultancy basis to create, original and unique brand domain names for domain auctions, for yourself or a client.

Use of the the suffix URL.

If one could go back in time, a very sure way of becoming incredibly rich would be to register dot com names, of brand specific names, such as insure, vacation, holiday, hotel, car, bank, cat, dog, betting, sex, etc, there is only one name available, as such they command a high price. There can be only one. Not many people foresaw the rapid rise of the internet and the millions of dollars such brand specific domains would sell for, or the rapid rise of domain investing.

To have such fore-site is rare and those who had the fore-site are now extremely rich. Prefixes and suffixes of such brand specific domains followed, with the addition of net, web and e. Insure or E Insurance etc. However one such suffix, Uniform Resource Locator, abbreviated to URL, the colloquial term for a web address, created by Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, in 1994, for some strange reason has been overlooked.

As well making my imaginative collection of URL domain names an outstanding investment opportunity, being highly memorable they are perfect for television adverts. Just say to your self Bets Url .com as though it is on a TV or Radio advert. People are educated very quickly, and it only takes one advertisement utilizing the suffix url for it to be embedded into peoples minds. Although my domains may appear quite expensive, the names are internet leaders, please consider the charity donations and in time the value of such domains can only increase in value.

Be wary of Domain Valuations
How much is a Domain Name Worth:

When I first started creating domain names for sale, I was always surprised at the discrepancy's in valuations from domain valuation websites. One would put a value of $15, another $22,000 for the same domain. One particular domain I had which was valued at $22,000, had an offer of $100,000; 15 minutes after I listed it on Flippa.
It was then I turned my back on domain valuations, and concluded, that within reason a domain, especially a Brandable Generic Top Level Domain Name, is worth what someone is willing to pay.
Internet domain name valuations also use a computer algorithm, which bases its valuation on the amount of letters within the domain, and if the domain contains a name or combinations of names that is / are in a dictionary. It bases no value on the most important aspect of a domain name; especially with brand domains, how memorable, pronounceable and brandable the domain name is. A fascinating example of how incorrect their valuations are is the domain name, one valuer puts a $22,000 price tag on it, when it is actually up for sale for $20,000,000
I rest my case. A domain name, especially a brand domain is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, for what someone is willing to pay for it, is what it sells for, and that is what it is worth.

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