Chinese Pinyin Lucky No 8 Domain - Fa Ba Url = 88 Url

Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Fa Ba Url .com = 88 Url .com

Fa Ba Url .com
Buy Now Price: £50,000
10% of the value will be donated to Water Aid, if the domain is purchased via ebay.
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Domain Auctions Chinese Pinyin Gambling Domain Name: Fa Ba Url .com:

Names Url Domain Auctions introduces a Generic Top Level Domain Name, perfectly suited for the Chinese On Line Gambling, Betting and Casino Industry - Fa Ba Url .com which translates to
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Chinese Pinyin Domain For Sale / At Auction: Fa Ba Url:

10% of the sale value of the brandable & original domain name Fa Ba Url will be donated to WaterAid, if the brand domain name is purchased via ebay.

The charity Water Aid has been elected to benefit from the sale of the Chinese Pinyin Lucky number 8 / Brand / Gambling Domain Name Fa Ba Url (meaning 88 Url). I have just been watching David Attenborough' on the television, with the subtitles on as I find it relaxing while working on the computer, and it was about the plight of a Giraffe herd who had walked days, at a time of drought just to find a water hole where they could get some water to drink, if they had not found the little oasis, death would have been the inevitable outcome for the herd. Strangely enough that is not something one would apply to humanity, yet to this day 650 million people do not have clean drinking water and 2 billion don't have access to a toilet. Need I say more, even if you don't want to buy the Chinese Pinyin Lucky number 8 Domain Name, or bet out bidden at auction, please view the videos and visit the Home Page of Water Aid, to make a donation to their charity, which I feel is one of the most important charities in the world, to save lives.


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