Gambling & Betting Domain Name For Sale - Bets Url

Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Bets Url .com

Bets Url .com
Buy Now Price: £15,000
10% of the sale value will be donated to Crisis UK, when purchased via ebay.
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Gambling & Betting Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Bets Url.

This premium top level domain name available at Names Url is perfectly suited for the on line Casino, Gambling, Betting and Domain Auction Industry: Bets Url. com will put you head and shoulders above the competition within the highly competitive on line gambling zone. Allowing you to either entice a broader audience, sell at domain auctions or simply use as an ideal liquid investment opportunity. Keyword and Brand Specific. It is highly memorable, pronounceable and the Brandability of the domain at auction is exceptional. Available to securely bid for and purchase at Sedo, ebay and Names Url via Escrow.
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Gambling & Betting Domain Name For Sale / At Auction: Bets Url

10% of the sale value of the unique & distinctive gambling & betting domain name Bets Url .com will be donated to Crisis UK, if the brand specific domain name is purchased via ebay:

Crisis U.K. is a national charity for single homeless people in the United Kingdom who are dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change.
Alarmingly it was revealed that between July and September of 2018 over three thousand people were found sleeping rough in London alone, and astoundingly over a quarter of a million people are homeless in Great Britain.

Not so Great, if you think about it and with the ever increasing cost of rents, benefit cuts, lack of social housing and high house prices, it is predicted to get even worse, with a forecast that homelessness will increase by 76% in the next decade.

And in the words of Professor Philip Alston, a United Nations special reporter on poverty and human rights, who spent 12 days investigating the effect of austerity cuts and universal credit in Britain. "Unnecessary Misery. In the fifth richest country in the world, this is not just a disgrace, but a social calamity and an economic disaster, all rolled into one. Poverty is rising, with child poverty predicted to rise seven per cent between 2015 and 2022, and homelessness is up by 60%, with the use of food banks multiplying. During my visit I have spoken with people who depend on food banks and charities for their next meal, who are sleeping on friend's couches because they are homeless and don't have a safe place for their children to sleep, who have sold sex for money or shelter, children who are growing up in poverty unsure of their future". We do live in a political system where the people making the decisions have little knowledge of hardship, perhaps if they were to spend a few nights sleeping rough or having to starve to feed their children, then they would think again, about cuts, because there is enough money in the governments piggy bank, to end the unprecedented level of homelessness in Britain.


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