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Cruise Line - Ship - Domain Name For Sale: Planetary Cruises .com

Planetary Cruises .com
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Planetary Cruises .com: Domain Name for the Cruise Line Business:

The Cruise Line Industry is big business. The average cost of a cruise liner that holds up to 500 passengers is $260 Million, and one that holds up to 5,000 is a staggering $1.31 Billion. Do I hear you gasp in disbelief. At those costs it makes good sense to have a domain name that is generic to the business and what better than Planetary Cruises. For domainers looking for domains to flip at domain auctions or investors looking for a long term liquid investment, the domain represents a golden opportunity, just look at the sales history of Holiday and Vacation domain names; Vacation Rentals .com sold for $35 million in 2007, Private Jet .com sold for $30.1 million in 20012, even sold for £560,000 in 2008. .

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Cruise Line - Cruise Ship Domain Name Planetary Cruises .com

10% of the sale value of the unique, Cruise Line - Cruise Ship - Go on a Voyage - Domain Name - Planetary Cruises .com will be donated to if purchased via ebay:

I have tried on several occasions to write this article about Animals Asia, but each time I have got so upset, by the repugnant, detestable and loathsome cruelty imposed upon Bears in Asia, for the farming of Bear Bile, I have been unable to complete it.

Bile is produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder, the ingredient which is of value in the bile is ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) and bears are the only animals which produce large amounts of the compound. The compound is used in used in traditional Chinese Medicine, to treat many ailments; haemorrhoids, sprains, sores, bruising, sore throats, epilepsy, reduce fever, improve eyesight, muscle ailments, break down gallstones, an anti-inflammatory even as a hangover cure, however very small amounts of the compound are used by medical practitioners only 500 Kg, astonishingly a surplus of 6,500 Kg is produced which is used in other products such as wine, tea, throat lozenges, eyedrops and tonics even shampoo's and toothpaste.

What is abhorent is the disgraceful way the bears are kept in captivity and how the bile is extracted. The bears are kept for up to 25 years, with a tube / catheter placed inside their gall bladder so it slowly drips bile into a container, in small cages so the tube cannot be dislodged.

So not only are thousands of bears farmed unnecessarily because of the surplus of UCDA produced, that is not used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, their are alternatives, it can be taken from livestock such as cow, pig and poultry after slaughter; And their are synthetic alternatives, namely the drug Ursodiol.

Animals Asia Foundation was founded in 1998 by Jill Robinson after learning about the plight of Moon Bears, used for Bear Bile Farming. The foundation raises awareness of the inhumane methods utilised in Bear Bile Farming, works to reduce demand for bile by promoting alternative methods, lobby's governments and has changed their policies and rescues and rehabilitates with bear sanctuaries. Their headquarters are in Hong Kong and have offices in China, Germany, Australia, Italy, United States and the U.K, with sanctuaries for Moon Bears in Vietnam and China.

They also campaign against the Chinese governments organised culling of stray dogs and cats, as well as the eating of cats and dogs in China; And lobby against the abuse caused to animals in China's zoos and safari parks, in many places live cows, chickens and pigs are fed to lions and tigers for entertainment, animals are chained for use as photographic props, many animals displaying severe behaviour such as pacing and swaying and receive little or no medical care suffering from disease and injuries that are untreated.

In essence there are countries in Asia, most notably China, which thanks to such organisations as Animals Asia Foundation, have been ridiculed by the West by the disgraceful way they treat animals and their shame has forced them to make changes.

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